International Competition

Research at RR 2018

The decision making research of EMS professionals at the Rallye Rejvíz 2018 During the 22nd year of the competition Rallye Rejvíz 2018, the decision making research of EMS crews will be realized for the fifth time with the Rallye Rejvíz…
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You can complete the Michael task already on Thursday from 12:00 – book your time immediately upon arrival.

Úkoly/Tasks RR 2018

01) Art Gallery 02) Doma – At home 03) Fidorka (RZP) & Octavka (RLP) & Garden party (INT) 04) Krev – Blood 05) Miško – Michael 06) Most – Bridge 07) S-Drive 08) Honička – Rush 09) Spící kráska – Sleeping Beauty 10) Biker (N)…
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Instructions for participants

If you would like to arrive to Kouty Desnou on Wednesday, May 23, 2018 in the evening, please inform the registration: Mrs. Lucie Sedova, phone +420 725 049 446 Mr. Jiri Juras, phone +420 774 801 099 Mrs. Miroslava Jurasova, phone +420…
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Refresh your knowledge of procedures for mass casualty and disasters! INT crews proceed according to the START (Simple Triage and Rapid Treatment). It might be helpful for you (examples, you can use your „national“ version): Mass casualty – Checklists (role-based)…
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Minimal equipment of the crew

Minimal equipment of the crew Car according to type of crew (personal motor cars are allowed, equipment for taking the patient into the vehicle is not assessed) Ampularium Bag-valve-mask Extremities splinters Stethoscope Blood glucose meter Injection needles and syringes Cervical…
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General instructions for tasks

All teams execute tasks in compliance with rule: „Rallye Rejviz is training and game – do all you can for patients benefit!“ a)    The time reserved for the accomplishment of each task is the maximum time. It begins with the…
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